As kids we used to play superhero trump cards. So we made this project to bring back the fun.

This is a game where Superheroes fight on the basis of their powerstats and the one with more rounds win!! The web app also contains a quiz section where you can challenge yourself on how well do you know your superhero!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to manage POST and GET requests easily from a public API through Express which we are proud of.Also the new member of our team made a great quiz website single handedly on her first attempt which was an achievement for all of us.

What I learned

This weekend, we were able to find about new design patterns which we tried to implement on our website. Also handling the backend part, we got to learn about AXIOS which helped us in generating multiple requests at the same time to the API.

What's next for superhero-showdown

We plan to manage a leaderboard for the users for the game as well as the quiz and plan to add more superhero quizzes and make the site dynamic in terms of design and working.

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