SuperCool-AI is where the magic of AI and the power of blockchain converge, revolutionizing the way we create, collect, and trade NFTs.

What it does

SuperCool-AI is the Ai generative NFT marketplace for PFPs, game assets, metaverse avatars, and costumes.

It gives you an easy interface to train the ai model to create unique and stunning NFTs using AI. Whether you're looking for a personalized profile picture, gaming assets like clothes and weapons, or even dynamic NFTs which automatically get updated as per conditions like sports tournaments scores, weather, etc"

How we built it

1) Chainlink VRF+GPT Ai:

We harness the power of Chainlink VRF to generate random specifications that inspire AI to create three incredible images. You get to choose the perfect image that speaks to you, and then mint it as your very own NFT. The possibilities are limitless!

2) Chainlink Keepers+GPT Ai:

With our integration of Chainlink Keepers+Ai, you can now create dynamic NFTs that evolve with real-time data. Imagine owning an NFT that changes based on the weather or the outcome of a sports event for example your avatar in Metaverse automatically gets updated with the AI-generated avatar as per the final score of Cristiano Ronaldo's current football match possibilities are endless.

3) Chainlink price feed:

After generating NFT let's say if you want to sell it, you can mint and sell the NFT. Here we have used chainlink price feed. You can choose to sell it in Matic/Ethereum.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of Chainlink keeper, then running our chainlink node to pass API data in a specific format was challenging and finally, we were able to fix the bugs by referring to a few of Chainlink tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

SuperCool-AI brings a whole new level of interactivity and excitement to the NFT world. We would love to have you on our platform – mint your AI-generated masterpiece today!

What we learned

It's not about Wweb3 Vs AI, we learned that together Web3+Ai brings so many possibilities to build amazing products in gaming, NFT, and Defi space.

What's next for SuperCool-AI

We are going to explore more possibilities to create various categories of PFPs/avatars to onboard various communities of Animes, Sports clubs to build a go-to platform to generate and trade ai powered NFTs.

Built With

  • chainlink
  • chainlink-keeper
  • chainlink-pricefeed
  • chainlink-vrf
  • hardhat
  • react
  • solidity
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