bring social down to earth


there’s a whole world of social interaction waiting to be explored. supercluster is a location-based live feed of the entire social galaxy: twitter, instagram, foursquare, and more.

  • discover new places through the eyes of those who live there
  • see who else is exploring the world in real time

to use...

  • find a place you want to explore
  • zoom in until the loupe aligns, or further for a more focused search
  • tap the shuttle to take off!

the tech...

we've applied creative use of new technologies in order to create our prototype. these technologies include:

  • swift
  • node.js
  • population simulation engine
  • twitter, foursquare, and instagram apis

future product development will include technologies like:

  • natural language processing
  • machine learning
  • spatial databases
  • additional social apis

the team...

we (ryan and patrick) are co-founders of megabits, a pittsburgh-based mobile gaming startup focused on location-based gaming. we have extensive experience with socket-based architecture, and co-authored SIOSocket, the leading iOS client for over the course of the weekend, we designed and built our functional prototype. moving forward, we have the experience with map technology, natural language processing, and business development that will be required.

the future...

supercluster has a diverse business development potential. by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning technology, we can establish supercluster as a source for curated location-based content. additionally, our product development will put us at the forefront spatial api development. we plan on partnering with social media platforms to help hone their spatial apis, taking better advantage of the world's location-based data.

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