We started five new projects during Hack the North. Each of which began as a way to either pivot from our last ideas or a way to remedy our previous ones. All of these hacks are in unfinished states.

Our original idea was to build an application that would take a picture of your ingredients and then give you recipes based on them.


This is a camera application for Android meant to be integrated into our Recipe application until we realized that embedding cameras in android were cancerous.


This was our "MidnightPivot" Sunday night, which didn't turn out very well because when we actually got the boilerplate code to function properly, all of us were brain-dead.

Concierge -Attempt

When the chatbot was failing, another team member decided to attempt to build a concierge bot. In the midst of being half asleep, it didn't turn out very well.

Expo.io Camera -Attempt

An integration with React Native and a very sad camera.

Recipes -Main Application (IIncomplete and kinda broken)

The main application that we originally planned on building. It is meant to take pictures of ingredients, send them through IBM Watson's API and use the results to find recipes using another food api. The problems? Everywhere.

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