Mankind is under attack. D r Shu Jie LAM. PhD is researching a new line of treatment for antimicrobial therapy. Her research is a new hope for the growing MRSA like bugs. Her recent discoveries inspired our immersive experience.

What it does

Immersive Experience where a video of a Microbiologist open and closes with some educational information. The viewer experiences an immersive environment where they are represented as a bacterial entity (rod shaped gram negative bacteria) treated with antibiotics. We (the bacteria) are invaded by antibiotics, which we have learned to be resistant to. Unfortunately a new line of nanotechnology of tiny star shaped protein molecules, have found a way to destroy our cell walls. *They won this battle but is this the end? * link

How I built

Unity build for a Tango. Virtual environment was built from Unity's Survival Shooter game and the project Tango dev kit. Codebase has than 50% of code and all assets modeled and built for this project. Within the virtual environment a customized video component of Dr. Shu has been added for educational value.
Unity and C# were used for codebase, digital assets were built in 3DSmax and Zbrush. Textures created in Zbrush and photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Small team working together to create a short immersive experience. Learning functions and capabilities of various part of software and hardware to complete the goals in the allotted time available.

  • resources with appropriate skills
  • complexity of the technology component integration
  • documentation of emerging technologies

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using emerging technologies to help educate people regarding an issue that effects all of Mankind. We developed educational material that used new technology to make engaging immersive content. Exploring way to develop an engaging story for microbial resistance. Being an immersive experience, it is platform agnostic. The material also presented in a multimodal manner that is not restricted to demographic or previous knowledge.

What I learned

Unity development. Thinking of ways of making learning engaging.

What's next for Superbugs: fighting antimicrobial resistance

Scene 2 where the next line of antibiotics are effective against the bacteria

The name of your team lead -Sam Spaeth

2.) The team lead's telephone number 914-588-6149

3.) The location where the judges can find your team including the floor number - Foor 6, table 5

4.) The vertical category in which you are competing - Human Well-Being (Education/Health/Wellness/Activism)

Built With

  • 3dstudiomax
  • unity
  • weblabviewerlit
  • weblabviewerlite
  • zbrush
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