The trouble I faced when designing a room or buying a product say a couch or a painting was that at most times I was unable to visualize the size of the product and the space it would occupy in the room. It was also difficult to imagine how different products and colors would come together to make a beautiful design.

While there are many apps to discover products and design inspirations, there are few that give you a clean canvas to visualize your room. You will still have to imagine. I could not complete that beautiful image from Pinterest to a reality.

What it does

SuperBotler will give every person on the planet a personal digital doll-house of their real home. You can go room by room to visualize any product or design. The designs will be contributed by designers from around the world. The products come from various popular and partner brands and merchants. You can really “Try before you Buy” any furniture and décor.

The user can either search for their home in our catalog of homes or upload the blueprint /floorplan of their home to get a 3D of their home within 24 hours.

How we built it

The platform was more focussed towards designers. The Covid challenge allowed us to rework the flows so that everyone around the planet could use it. Today we have a consumer website that is pretty much production ready.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the 3D environment with the web components was a challenge. We are building a mobile version too which will be ready to use by 7th April. We ran into a bunch of issues from the day we started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functional website that runs on a laptop/desktop. We have nearly built a mobile app that could go live by 7th April. This wasnt possible if not for the COVID challenge. Most importantly we are proud to say that not only will be be able to make rooms/homes , that are protecting us today, beautiful but also provide a mechanism for business continuity for the design, furniture and decor industries.

What we learned

We learnt that we can overcome the challenge of effectively working from home and collaborate to build a great platform.

What's next for SuperBolter

Mobile App Go Live for COVID lockdown people around the world. Get the world's designers and merchants on to the platform. Get everyone on the planet trying designs and products.

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