Our primary inspiration for this game came from the thought of what it would be like to be a newborn baby superhero. Fighting robots.

What it does

In Superbaby VR, you're unexpectedly transported to a futuristic world ruled by robots gone rogue. As you regain consciousness in this new environment, you realize that a swarm of robots are closing in on you from the distance. You look around for something to protect yourself with, but see nothing-except for one gun. Will you surrender to the robots or will you take the chance to go against their army? How long can you survive?

How we built it

In the 3 days, we learned and used Unity + Oculus VR to create this game. We first designed the overall environments, and then the characters & other logic.

Challenges we ran into

  • The problem of making the gun be "grabbed" and naturally controlled with our "avatar hands (using Oculus Touch controllers) was undoubtedly the hardest challenge that we ran into. It took us about 6 hours of constant experimentation (and the valuable help of our mentors!) to finally find out how to correctly achieve this effect. Nevertheless, this challenge gave us a lot of insight into many of the design & development requirements that we must consider when developing for VR!
  • Our initial game design created many locomotion problems, leading to sickness. So, we redesigned the game so that it had the same level of action, but with no locomotion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to build a basic prototype of our idea in 36 hours.
  • Finding out how to position the user's gun in their hand, virtually
  • Redesigning our game so that it offers the same highly-intense action with barely any locomotion

What we learned

  • Unity for quick game development
  • VR is awesome.
  • Never make changes to your Unity project while your game is still running. Never. ;)

What's next for Superbaby

Work on it to further develop the levels, and then release it!

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