Human is limited by physical boundaries, whether it is biological or space boundary. For example: human can't be at two places at once, human productivity is limited by the use of their (two) hand and somehow, life is inherently injustice for amputee and disable person. The good news is, science and technology always proof that actually there is no boundary, human can always surpass his limit and break the fate that existing society has created – the invention of aeroplane, space shuttle, and many others have showed us that we can surpass those physical boundaries. The development of InHand shares the same spirit. Start from this bionic hand, in no further future we can do telepresence, attach additional SuperHand to make our life easier (or simply just for fun) and create more equal world for amputee and disable person. With SuperHand, we can challenge the status quo of space and biological boundaries in our life today.

What it does

Low cost prosthetic hand for disabled people

How we built it

We created a makeshift hand by salvaging it from a toy. 5 MG90S servos controlled finger and thumb movement individually, allowing for full gesture control, and holding almost any object. The servos were powered by a custom made AA battery bank and controlled with an Arduino Uno which receives the inputs from the movements in the muscle, detected by a myoware sensor.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Reducing Noise from the output from the sensor
  2. Finding correct position for the placement of MyoWare sensor
  3. Differentiation between different finger movements

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Making a prosthetic arm that detects all the finger movements.
  2. Controlling a hand using just your thoughts and the impulses in your muscles.

What we learned

  1. Using Open CV to also control the hand using movements in your eyes.
  2. Using Google Voice API to control the hand using your Voice.

What's next for SuperArm

  1. Perfect the movements of fingers using better filters in the Myoware or a Myo Band to reduce Noise.
  2. 3D print an arm for better control.
  3. Make more modules that can be attached to the arm for more features.

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