US elections are a lengthy process. There's so much happening that it is hard to keep track of where each politician stands on major issues. Most people learn about a politician's views through their campaign speeches. To help voters choose who to vote for, we've decided to compile campaign video information into a more digestible format.

What it does

It uses Microsoft Azure's Video Indexer to detect major topics and the timestamps where they were brought up. We present the user with a summary of a politician's most commonly spoken about topics over several campaign videos.

How we built it

We used React to build the frontend, axios to send API requests, Python for the backend, Google Cloud Platform as our server, and flask to assist with server setup.

Challenges we ran into

As I am writing this, my team is struggling with React Router. Managing separate pages in React is a toughie. Before HTN 2019, we had 0 knowledge of the APIs we used and limited backend development experience. It was a challenge navigating through the API documentation and writing a functional project from a few backend tutorials and targeted Google searching.

What we're proud of

Aside from being able to learn a wide range of new technologies, we're also proud of the idea. It was an idea we were all excited about and could incorporate a healthy dose of what we already knew and what we wanted to learn. (For me specifically, I had already created ML models myself in Octave and Python but had never tried calling advance models through APIs).

What we learned

We gained exposure to ML APIs, frontend, and backend technology (basically the full stack).

What's next for Super Smash Bros USA

We currently only have a limited set of campaign videos from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. In the future, we hope to have data on more candidates in order to return a more accurate set of "commonly discussed topics". Our model may improve with Google Cloud's NLP models. We can use them on video transcripts returned by Microsoft Azure. We also hope to make the UI more intuitive and easy to use (i.e. arrows to shuffle through youtube videos).

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