Super Smash Bros. 64 is a lot of fun to play with a controller, our project uses your body as a controller. Two Microsoft Kinect cameras are used to [Camera 1] Capture user specific commands (Kick, Punch, Special Move, Jump) and [Camera 2] is used to watch both players fight each other to play the game.

Players walk up to [Camera 1] and record their moves, next they place a game character token over a camera running OpenCV to select their player. Once players are recognized the player selection field will light up; blue for player 1, red for player 2. Finally, players walk onto the playing floor in view of [Camera 2] and battle against each other in an intense Super Smash Bros. 64 competition.

[Computer 1] Runs the Nintendo 64 Emulator and network server. [Computer 2] runs the OpenCV server to detect player tokens and issues commands to the Arduino to turn the lights and control the servos to kill the player that loses. [Computer 3] runs the Kinects to capture player movements and play the game. Game moves are sent from [Computer 3] to [Computer 1] through a TCP connection to control the characters in the game. At the end of each match [Computer 1] uses OpenCV to detect the player that won in order to tell [Computer 2] what player lost and therefore what piece to fling off the character selection board.

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