We were playing with Slime and found that how it slips from higher position to the lower position and will that it hit the lego character standing in its way😅..... By that we had an idea to make that silly idea into a online game so that other people can also try that out and can have fun.

What it does

If you are feeling bored then you can play our game for a long time without getting headache as we have studied psychology during this period in order to make a game by which player can feel free of his problems and can engage into the game.

How we built it

We have made it in UNITY as we have learned it past week so we wanna make some project to try our knowledge. We have made pixelate graphics are self.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part was to make the Enemies to move by there own and kill the GAMER. And in the beginning we were not able to decrease the life of the gamer but after lots of hard work we were able to figure it out. And the most time taking part was to create those pixelate graphics.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are very happy to make this project in UNITY as this was our first project in that. The most important thing is that we have completed our project in the given time frame only 😍😍

What we learned

We learned to create logics on the UNITY Platform and we also learned to create better pixelate characters/graphics.

What's next for Super Slime Smash

We are working on it to make it multiplayer game so that friends in this Lock Down (in some countries) who can't meet physically can enjoy with each other. We can also include this to Mini Event of digital hackathons.😇😇😇

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