Nobody likes to remember passwords - but tools like 1Password and OS X Keychain Access require a level of complexity that is far beyond most users.

With Simple Voice Password (SVP), your average internet browser user can now easily and reliably sign in and out of ALL of their web apps (or a per web-app basis), using just their voice!

What it does

SVP is essentially a voice-activated passport to all of your favorite web applications. No longer do users have to deal with managing weak or strong passwords, SVP merges all your passwords into a Simple Voice Password which unlocks your private login credentials across your web applications. Because SVP uses the Knurld API for authentication, users can count on reliable authentication across all their web apps - your browsing sessions are now secured by your voice!

How I built it

I built a simple password manager backend in node and linked it up to the knurld API.

Then I built a few fake web-apps in node to demonstrate what the sign-on experience could be like with just a single button (this should be moved to a browser extension).

Challenges I ran into

The whole enrollment, app model, consumer set up is weird in the Javascript SDK - probably makes sense to use simpler abstractions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Love that its simple and does something that I want, manage logging in and out of my browsing sessions with a simple Voice Activated UI

What I learned

Voice authentication is pretty cool and probably lacking across a number of areas if replay attacks can be mitigated.

What's next for Simple Voice Password

There are two things I want to explore next:

-2-Factor, Mixed Visual-Audio Challenge Authentication (challenge-response in the form of an image and matching audio tag in addition to your normal passphrase) -Browser Extension: add the power of single voice authentication to your browser with a browser extension for Safari. -Voice Authentication for Web-Based VR Apps

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