The other day in class we discussed that grocery bills are often the largest expense of those living in poverty. Super Shopper connects users with the best prices from physical and virtual markets.

What it does

Queries physical and virtual markets for the cheapest price for each item on the shopping list. The list is cloud based and accessible via user accounts. Because of this, multiple people (family members, for example) can contribute to the shopping list

How I built it

First I wrote the php scripts to retrieve and store API data and user information, then I designed the UI

Challenges I ran into

How to check the prices of one product on multiple APIs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I finished the app despite working alone. Also the 'GoShopping' page that outputs the price data for each item.

What I learned

How to most efficiently interact with APIs

What's next for Super Shopper

iOS app store and an Android app

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