The coronavirus is all around us at every turn, I figured why not practice my programming skills and make some entertainment out of the situation.

As of right now the user is a doctor who must run around the hospital and heal sick patients, while also avoiding getting sick themselves.

I built this with the help of Unity and C#. I worked on this project by myself with some skills I learned online over quarantine. I did not make most of the animations and characters, I used some free and paid packs from the asset store.

I ran into a plethora of issues on my journey to create this game. I had some difficulties creating an appealing menu and would love to improve it for my next version.

I'm honestly most proud of my willpower working through this entire event. I only slept a few hours but I learned so many things about Unity by creating the biggest project I've taken on yet. I had a great time making this game and am excited to keep improving it to the best of my ability

I learned new things in so many categories. I learned about animation transitions, watched YouTube videos on menu design. Plus added at least two or three C# functions to my toolbelt that I understand to a much greater extent now.

There are so many more ideas flowing through my head right now for Super Scrubs... these include the ability to develop a vaccine (before the world population is diminished), doctors that run through the ER and can set you off track, different levels and patterns of the virus, a menu to choose your own character, and so many more.

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