Inspiration - Board games likes checkers gets boring sometimes, so to make it more fun I introduced Classic Super mario as a king piece! With the engaging sound effects.Who says board games and online classics can't be together? here's super maxio checkers for you!

What it does - I built this game so that you can play it with the computer when no ones around. It analyses your moves and makes it's next move, you can even see what it thinks.

How I built it - by using AI algorithm minimax

Challenges I ran into - the challenge was the algorithm itself, fixing the bugs and correcting how the pieces should move when AI plays this game. My computer is a slow machine and it took much time. The problem was as Time increased AI works better but that'll be really slow and might kill the fun of playing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - That is is my first hackathon and submitting a game :) that too on time! I always wanted to make a game and I did it because of this hackathon, thank you MLH!

What I learned - I learned a lot. Making and completing a project on time, this was a bit stressfull as all I had was 36 hours and there was a lot to do! time management is really necessary! apart from that I learnt how pygame and algorithm works that was pretty complicated!

What's next for Super Maxio Checkers - I'm thinking to deploy it or maybe make some modifications and next time it would be pacman eating pieces :0

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