Distance Learning has been particularly challenging for young math students. Children are not stimulated enough by a dry Zoom call and feel disconnected from their teacher and classmates when they cannot interact with them face-to-face.

What it does

Super Math Adventure is a resource for kids to learn in an interactive approach. Teachers can input assignments such games and links to other resources. As we continue to develop our site, we will have a large list of interactive games, quizzes, and online resources for children to learn.

Our learning platform makes it easy for children to play learning games that drive compelling engagement. As we continue to develop, we will have more to offer such as login profiles and live chat box for students to interact with teachers about assigned work.

How we built it

We combined our skills to create a website based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that connects to an AirTable database.

Challenges we ran into

Using a tool for the first time is always challenging. After much Googling and getting advice from mentor Menashe Peromsik, we successfully got our AirTable connected to our project. We knew that the AirTable was properly connected because we were no longer getting errors from that part of the code. However, even though we inputted the right username and password, the login() function did not redirect the page as expected. After console.logging at every point in the code, we realized that the password hash has to be set to upper case in order to match the values in the database exactly.

The Math Is Fun game was working perfectly until we decided to add a timer that would motivate students to finish the questions quickly. Getting the timer to work in sync with the game took some debugging. The timer ran, but the input field was locked and did not accept anything typed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Meeting new coders and collaborating for the first time was an exciting adventure. We spent time getting to know each other and break the ice before the hackathon. With our team spirit high, we we were able to get started right away on the morning of the hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to plan out a project together and make that project come to life using various coding languages.

What's next for Super Math Adventures

We hope to include more interactive features, teachers profile and add quizzes, exam, etc. for students, students profiles so they can view assignments and see where they are on leaderboard in games, team mode, more Games - including a balloon pop game, competition - keep track of high scores (LeaderBoard), and badges for students for accomplish certain task. (example: 1st place on LeaderBoard gets a badge)

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posted an update

Here's a link to our AirTable. Currently the only part of the website that integrates with this [data]base is the login feature. In the future, the base will also be used to populate data on Profile pages and teachers will be able to enter custom questions for the games.

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