I love old school video games, and ROM hacks always fascinated me. I wanted to start digging in to see what I could accomplish, and it was an insanely daunting task at first. I discovered that I could alter the game's memory through writing Lua plugins for an emulator. After doing that, I thought it would be really bad ass to be able to send an HTTP request from a Nintendo game. These games existed before HTTP was even a thing, let alone the world wide web, and it is really cool to think that there are endless possibilities once you can hook a Nintendo game to the web. You can have Megaman order you a pizza. Samus could send text messages to your ex, and Link can use rupees to pay for items online. I decided to go with Mario, a widely recognized classic, and hooked it into the Postmates API(an app that I use frequently). This allows the user to pass the time with a classic game of Mario, while still knowing how long it will take the delivery to arrive.

I had to do some really crazy, hacky stuff for this, including altering hex values and registers in the game's memory as it ran. I had to inject code at every frame, and I am surprised that the game still renders and plays as fast as it normally does.

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