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We were looking at the white wall from the company hallway. We thought, it would be so cool to be able to play a game while waiting to meet with someone, or until a meeting you came early for.

What it does

We use Kinect to detect the user gestures. We have mapped the gestures to the keys used to play Mario and send it to the game.

How can it be used?

  • We can install it on the company halls, for people to fill time in a pleasant way while waiting for a meeting
  • It can be used at job fairs
  • It can be used during demos during "Scoala altfel" program and others

How we built it

  • The SDK from kinect detects the joints of the user. Using this information we were able to implement the gestures needed to play Mario. The information is processed by a small program written in C#, and that communicates with the game via sockets. Since we wanted to have the original, classic version of Mario, we had to work with an emulated game file.
  • The kinect also takes pictures and displays them in an area. Due to major loss of performance, we only dispay every third frame to the user.

Challenges we ran into

  • Going beyond level 2... those tortoise are deadly...
  • The application breaks when the jury enters the room...
  • Jokes aside, the detection of gestures was a bit more challenging than we expected.
  • Socket ran some shenanigans on us...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We can play Mario using hand gestures
  • We figured out the solution for the bug that haunted us for about 20 hours of the hackaton

What we learned

  • to work with C#
  • to use Kinect SDK
  • to map gestures and track movement
  • to integrate an emulated process inside a window
  • we have found out why Microsoft decided to stop producing Kinect

What's next for Super Mario One

  • Hard Mode: More complex and physical demanding gestures.
  • Statistics regarding weight, height, gender, age, and so on
  • Face recognition and emotion recognition
  • Multiplayer: Have fun with a friend! Race to see who finises first the first level.
  • Adding more playable games

The Team

  • Cosmin Stoica
  • Alexandra Stanca
  • Mircea Stroie
  • Leonard Lupu
  • Lucian Turiac
  • Gabriela Chirobocea

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