Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a classic in-person party game that university and high school students play regularly. It's been popularized by hit computer games such as Town of Salem and Epic Mafia that serve hundreds of thousands of players, but where these games go wrong is that they replace the in-person experience with a solely online experience. We built Super Mafia as a companion app that people can use while playing Mafia with their friends in live social situations to augment rather than replace their experience.

What it does

Super Mafia replaces the role of the game's moderator, freeing up every student to play. It also allows players to play character roles which normally aren't convenient or even possible in-person, such as the gunsmith and escort.

How we built it

Super Mafia was built with Flask, Python, and MongoDB on the backend, and HTML, CSS, and Javascript on the front-end. We also spent time learning about mLab which we used to host the database.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was making sure that our user experience would be simple-to-use and approachable for young users, while still accommodating of the extra features we built.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We survived the deadly combo of a cold night and the 5th floor air conditioning.

What we learned

How much sleeping during hackathons actually improves your

What's next for Super Mafia

  • Additional roles (fool, oracle, miller, etc) including 3rd party roles. A full list of potential roles can be found here
  • Customization options (length of time/day)
  • Last words/wills
  • Animations and illustrations
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