Origins: A couple months ago, I became strangely attracted to playing retro-styled, 8-bit, outdated games like Space Invaders. After finding out that Leapmotion was going to be lending their technology at PennApps I decided about what I wanted to make. An ultimate version of the retro Space Invaders that can be played using only hand gestures. Time: 19 hours Controls: (1) Left/Right Arrow Keys and Space to shoot (2) Wave hand left/right over LeapMotion sensor and pretend to "tap the air" with your pointer finger to shoot (3) A combination of 1 and 2 Parts: 1) Controls Panel 2) Credtis Panel 3) Game Panel 4) Loading Screen with sick loading icon 5) Shuffle button to shuffle songs randomly 6) The ultimate PEANUT BUTTER JELLY MAN!

ALSO, this project is completely open-sourced. Check out the source code @ my Github

NOTICE: This web application is NOT responsive to all screen sizes. Works best on a 13 inch screen using Chrome. If you cannot see the entire middle box, zoom out a bit to 90%.

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