Designers of women's clothing infamously do not include pockets or choose to make uselessly small pockets for their clothes. On the other hand, the pockets of men's clothing are a reasonable size, indicating that this is a problem of gender inequality. According to a video linked below, women's pockets are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men's pockets. As a result, women are pressured to buy alternative containers (such as purses) to simply carry their necessities.

This is an outrage. This is not the way things have to be. If we refuse to buy clothing that does not meet the bare minimum requirement of having a pocket, then perhaps clothing industries will realize that consumers will not stand for this injustice. By removing images of pocketless clothing, we remove the temptation to buy otherwise attractive articles and make it easier to take a stand for equality.

What it does

This Chrome extension hides all pictures that don't contain a pocket - you'll never have to suffer a pocketless life again!

How we built it

We made the Javascript find all images in a site. An AJAX call with image source URL was then sent to the backend Python code, which was setup with Flask to accept POST requests. We used the Google Vision API to return labels of image content, when given a URL of an image. For example, labels could include 'Clothing,' 'T-shirt,' or 'Pocket.' After receiving the confidence score that an image contained a pocket, this information was sent back to the JavaScript, which then dynamically hid images that did not contain a pocket in the current page.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenges included using the Google Vision API on images with many high-confidence labels, deploying our application to sites with various image formats, as well as linking the various parts of the project (Flask and Firebase, Python and Javascript).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of accomplishing a first - creating a Chrome extension - and on a shortened hacking schedule.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Google Vision API, how to connect Javascript and Python, and how to make an AJAX call.

What's next for Super Junior #11

Debut in the American pop idol scene.

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