We are living in a time of uncertainty, incurable disease, lack of clean water supply, poverty, the threat from outer space, war, and many inhuman activities that increases day by day, But thanks to men and women who every day work hard to make difference and they try to make our world a better place. These people inspired me to think about how can I use the superhero to support them, Then we came up with a solution to increase another interface on the superhero platform that can support donations for charitable causes.


The new interface will allow the user to directly donate to any charitable causes that have been registered on the superhero platform by using the chain name of that organization. This is accomplished by the smart contract built on Aeternity protocol that registers an organization and allows it to claim its donation by using a chain name(a human-readable name that simplifies the process of the transaction and you can memorize it" how cool").


Superhero for charitable causes has been builted by using Sophia language and Javascript. Whereby our smart contract was implemented by using Sophia language in AE studio and tested on aeternity node(test net). The front end was developed by using javascript.


The biggest challenge we have faced is a lack of enough time, connection problem on testnet that cause our smart contract to take too much time to load and at that time we didn't know what was a problem and since we didn't have enough experience with advanced Sophia language we haven't yet implemented some features.


At the moment our smart contact is working fine, It can register an organization by taking the name of the organization, a Short description of an organization, web site URL of an organization, and location. It can then display the organization on the list of donation buttons where donators can see and make their donation. It also has the functionality of returning the total amount of donation but this feature will be much more developed and changed in the future.


This hackathon is my first hackathon to participate in, it has taught me how to work as a team, how to work with deadlines, and most important I have learned a lot of advanced Aeternity concept that was difficult to teach my self before. I also get the opportunity to interact and learn directly with an expert in the field like Omar-Saadoum, Milen, Philipp, Alex and Erick


We need to implement ways to make a donation more transparent, Track donation usage, verify the organization that needs a donation, Donate anonymously, Allowing for a non-native token to contribute, and Tipping/donate by percentage.

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