Our inspiration for this program was the interest in finding a future career in gaming. Our group loves arcade style games that bring a reminiscence of our childhoods through fun mechanics and stellar gameplay. We wanted to play a game against each other that we built from our own hands.

What it does

Computers and AI are only skilled enough to do what a human tells them to. Therefore, when AI is programmed into a game, it usually has weaker strategies than humans in its gameplay. We wanted to therefore create a game that ignores the aspect of a weak AI, and promotes fun between players who are challenged by the mechanical skills of each other. The level of difficulty of the game we built was also set at a high level in order to create the most enjoyable and quick paced entertainment that we could do.

How we built it

We used several different platforms ranging from Unity to Adobe Photoshop to a simple online pixel editor - "Piskel App". Through these different programs, and learning how to program, render art, and compose music in 24 hours, we were able to build a product that not only we were proud of, but one that we enjoyed to play continuously.

Challenges we ran into

Many places in the game had bugs. There were issues with rotating our gun which required resolutions through trigonometric problem solving. Additionally, we encountered issues with colliders and their implementation between players, objects, and environments. Finally, the toughest part of developing our game was putting in the best and most amount of content in the least amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were surprised by the amount of animations, sounds, and programming we were able to complete in a matter of hours. Our dedication through minimal sleep and effort also gave us the satisfaction that we did our best for our first hackathon. The creativity of our idea also excited us, because it was a simple idea which required a lot of mechanics and tough implementation to make it happen.

What we learned

We learned how to problem solve and analyze our mistakes as fast as possible. We also learned how to compromise by producing the best result, yet watching out for the deadline to realistically set goals. Finally, we learned the mechanics of art, music, sound, and programming development. We gained a lot through this rapid growth cycle of self teaching and learning from entrepreneurial talks.

What's next for Super Hell Warriors

We would like to further develop this game to add more mechanics and fun to the game. We want to add more weapons, characters, maps, and online multiplayer content. We can hopefully make this happen.

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