Toilet seats can be nasty and riddled with germs. Wouldn’t you want a convenient way to raising or lowering your toilet seat without having to touch it? This useful tool will provide a more sanitary and convenient way of doing your business.

What it does

Super Bowl is designed to raise up or lower a toilet seat with use of a button or a motion sensor. The sensors are intended to be placed above the toilet seat to avoid unwanted captures.

How we built it

We used an Arduino Mega and a stepper motor in order to power this technology. The motion sensor will pick up movement in order to trigger the motor. We used external power from an outlet in order to power this.

Challenges we ran into

A legitimate toilet seat would have been too heavy for the motors that we had. To counteract this, we replicated a toilet seat using cardboard and used chopsticks as support

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get our motion detection to work at a short range so it wouldn't accidentally go off

What we learned

We had to learn how to work with the Arduino and the stepper motor. We also had to make the toilet seat lift and lower through use of a button or motion sensor in a way that was convenient and as touch-free as possible.

What's next for Super Bowl

We would love to develop Super Bowl using actual toilet seats. We believe this project could be legitimately helpful for many people and we would love to continue developing this project into becoming the best it can be.

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