SUPACharge was inspired by the different yet segregated communities in the crypto space and the variety of Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT) out there.

One day, the team and I sat down and discussed what makes a good community and we all came to the same conclusion: a space where project owners and token holders could discuss with the builders of the project the next update about the project and the future of the project.

We researched many different communities and found that a lot of them are segregated and more than half are filled with either bots or mixed in with scammers trying to steal their hard-earned money.

It is at that moment we decided to build SUPACharge.

What it does

SUPACharge is a one-stop multichain SocialFI app that automatically onboards all your Fungible and NFTs into a channel of its own. Forget about searching for the right channel as it is brought to you as long as you own the NFT or at least a token of that particular project.

Project owners themselves are able to moderate these channels by setting a minimum threshold for members to access the exclusive channels. If you just want to get to know the project, users are also able to search for the token that is available and access the public channel.

SUPACharge also has a Discover page for people who are new to the Web3 world. In this page, users are able to keep up-to-date with latest crypto news, follow trending fungible and NFTs and check out projects or news that we find informative in the Spotlight section.

How we built it

We built SUPACharge’s SocialFi platform from the ground up using several libraries and technologies.

For the cross-platform app, we the used following libraries:

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  2. []
  3. []
  4. []
  5. []
  6. []
  7. []
  8. []

To support the app, our backend uses libraries including:

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  4. []
  5. []
  6. []

We built 5 different smart contracts to handle the SocialFi aspect of SUPACharge including for memberships, NFT staking and token emissions.

Fantom Testnet contract addresses:

  • SUPACharge membership: 0xb16c30d4de34afc100484ff1c4d7c8f01d7fb323
  • NFT minting: 0x17F5947866d1103b5829f892c90fAA1f375aCFC5
  • NFT staking: 0x6b8de04454636c046b2d3fec75175ea11a93a57c
  • ERC20 claiming: 0x53D76a93AF9e35F548bb2D3340C5826578D619c5

Fantom mainnet contract addresses:

  • SUPACharge membership: 0xb11cf3B65C6A8CB8dC93D5F5d1a193550e3f955d
  • NFT minting: Not Live
  • NFT staking: Not Live
  • ERC20 claiming: Not Live
  • These contracts will be deployed on mainnet after our testing period.

Our beta app can be downloaded at []

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced thus far is the complying with Apple App store and Google Playstore as both of these have restrictions when it comes to blockchain apps. Even with these challenges, we are able to release our beta app and pending approval to release the full version on both platforms.

What we learned

In our journey into creating this app, we have learned that there are so many undervalued projects out there that are gems in the rough. Given time we believe these communities will require a space where they can chat directly with project owners of these projects.

What's next for SUPACharge

As we grow SUPACharge, we will be including more support for known blockchains such as Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, and many more!

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