I researched and found out that our lifestyle plays a colossal role in our mental health. Enjoying life, Physical exercises, Yoga, Food, Music, and even the content you consume plays a hefty role in how you feel in your life; in the long run, it decides your mental state, success, and happiness in a relationship even so much more for Heroes who needs to be in their perfect fit - both mind and body to fight crime and help us.

As long as these elements maintain that sweet spot in one's lifestyle, they might never even face any mental health issues and if they are facing some already, this will help them to come out of it quickly.

What it does

Built it as a buddy/sidekick or a girlfriend/boyfriend (only if you are single XD) which will always be present for you, right in your mobile. Someone who won't judge you, rather just show you the coolest things on Earth (and maybe Pluto as well; everything is SUPER here), someone that will teach you good habits like exercising, eating a healthy diet and laughing. But whatever it does, it will be selflessly present to improve the quality of our heroe's (or everyone's) life.

I know there our some apps on Playstore and Appstore that try to solve this problem, but they are not able to fully accomplish it. Either they are too dull to be of any help in cheering up the user or they are so monotonous that the user has do download several of them.


Know your stats? Number of steps, Water consumption, Sleep calculator

A workout that works? Breathing exercises, Stretching exercises, Yoga, Gym, Get rewards for completing workout goals.

Stay hungry Stay foolish? Food recommendation, What did you consume? (calorie consumption meter), Food tips

Fun Zone? Games, Music, Memes, Stories, Videos

How I built it

This makes use of Machine Learning to make all the selections for you according to your mood just like your best buddy does :) This app also provides an all in one experience by not just telling you what to do but also how to do it, because it works on the power of databases from verified sources.

Challenges I ran into

I faced several challenges, this being my first hackathon that too solo. The major one was the challenge of achieving the maximum accuracy in our mood detector and therefore get the dynamic content according to the mood. Was trying to find a Machine Learning solution that can help me do this and thus decided to use a pre-trained TensorFlow Light at last. I also had some problems with integrating with Google Cloud. I even tried to use for one of the features but wasn't successful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of finally building it and completing it. The best thing is it works as initially planned!!😂

What I learned

A lot! Learned time management, some new tricks with Tensorflow and some Flutter too. Learned integration with Google Cloud as well.

What's next for Sup-Assist

I will like to add more features in this and try to make it a superhero sidekick in complete sense. I'll be using for geofencing which I was unable to do this time. I want to make it do things like Jarvis can do! I know this is still a long way to go but I am optimistic.

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