AMAG & Kopernikus Automotive provided us with the challenge to remote control a real car.

What it does

Our disruptive solution gives the user the ability to have the time of his life in his car but to be at home in safety at the same time. For the first time ever humanity is able to feel the thrill of a deadly car crash without being actually in danger.

How we built it

Our highly trained engineers tried to remote control the car in a many different and equally difficult ways but eventually we came to the conclusion that it would be the best to control it via Socket-Messages that get parsed in a highly specific process by the Middleware provided by our partners at Kopernikus Automotive that is able to hook into the professionally secured CAN bus of the car. The app for the controls is written with the state of the art app development framework react-native, developed by experienced engineers at Facebook.

Challenges we ran into

Like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi independently told the ones that had the intellect to understand their wisdom, the biggest challenge one is facing in his lifetime, is oneself. Making our journey through the depths of rc- controlling cars, we came to the same conclusion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to write a whole API in C# and connect it to the Middleware. We then threw it all away as we realised that the whole thing was way to unperformant. But we managed to use C# for the first time ever. That was nice.

What we learned

C# (a little), Websockets, Flexbox-Layout for React-Native

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