Growing up with SunnyD, we were always made aware of the importance of having enough vitamin D in our system. However, with the current pandemic, many people have been restricted to staying in their homes for extended periods of time that we are not always used to. Along with the stresses of everyday life and living through a pandemic, being indoors so much has increased the physical and mental fatigue of people all over the world. Essentially, seasonal depression, which is linked to lower vitamin D levels due to reduced natural light, is lasting much longer than a season, with the pandemic lasting over a year at this point. We wanted to create this app to serve as a reminder and tool to help people know how much they need to be outside and how it can help them live a happier and healthier life.

What It Does

Sunshine Reme-D informs users how much sunlight they need to receive a healthy dose of vitamin D. By including location, season, age, and skin tone parameters, the app provides each user with unique and personal advice to help them get enough sunlight and vitamin D.

How We Built It

We first had to research and study a lot about the effects of vitamin D, the nuances in its functionality and production, and understanding how much of an impact the factors we implemented have. After we created a database storing all the metrics of vitamin D absorption, we used the BuildFire application builder platform to develop the user interface for the app. We created many if/then conditions and included proprietary widgets to keep track of sunlight exposure and provide information about the daily needed sunlight exposure.

Challenges We Ran Into

We tried several platforms to develop the app on, but each provided its own problems. Either the entire team could not collaborate on the platform together, or the app would have an undesirable UI, so we had struggled to try a new platform that had a steep learning curve. However, that did not stop us, as we have produced a successful and useful application.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We're proud to have been able to create a working prototype for an app that can make so many lives better. Not only are most of us beginners in terms of hackathons and coding in general, but we were able to overcome our lack of expertise and work together to have fun and make a really great project.

What We Learned

Since none of us have ever developed a fully functional app, we definitely gained a lot of experience, both in understanding how to develop an effective and deliberate UI/UX and in understanding the complexity of building an application.

What's Next for Sunshine Reme-D

Although our project was designed successfully, we would like to develop it further and make it more applicable and accessible to everyone. Currently, we are using five major geographic locations in America to determine the location-based sunlight variations. We’d like to add more locations in America and worldwide so that others receive accurate information. After building our database, we plan to implement a geographic information system, such as ArcGIS, which will allow us to obtain even more precise location and UV index information. Then, to ensure that users can continually benefit from the app, we will include a notification system to give an alert every morning (or as often as desired) that shows how much time is needed to be spent outside, incorporating weather and location changes. We also plan on including data to consider how skin exposure and specific clothing types, as well as sunscreen, can affect how much vitamin D is being absorbed when in the sun. By including all of these new parameters, we hope to produce a fully functional application that helps the public understand the value of sunshine.

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  • buildfire
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