SunProtection is a project that came together when three University of California, Riverside, engineering students, Darrien Gunn, Luis Sanchez, and Sammie Vuong needed an idea to compete in BioHack with. With the original intent of learning how to code a website while trying to contribute to society, the idea of SunProtection soon came to be. The current version of SunProtection took nine hours to code.

What it does

SunProtection uses an API from Open UV Index. Once the user inputs their zipcode, we can gather information from our API and it will help SunProtection determine the amount of UV in the user's area. Afterwards, we are able to determine the SPF the user needs and set a timer for when the user must reapply their sunscreen.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the intergration of the api to work was the hardest part of the project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing a few pages

What I learned

More about how apis work

What's next for Sun Protection

Added code and bug fixing maybe start up.

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