My sister has sensitive skin, and often gets sun burns and rashes when she stays outside too long. Doctors have recommended she use many different lotions to soothe and calm her skin rashes, but I wanted to create something that stops her from getting rashes, since prevention is better than cure.

What it does

The hardware component senses the current UV index, detecting increases in the UV level. Each increase decreases the time left on a timer which shows how much longer you can be outside. This app will help prevent sun burns and the onset of skin cancer.

How I built it

I used an GUVA S12SD UV sensor, which sent voltages to an Arduino Uno. The Uno would convert these voltages to corresponding UV index values, and send them to an Android app using the HC-05 bluetooth module. The app was built using MIT App Inventor, and decreases the display timer with increases in the UV index.

Challenges I ran into

I do not have a lot of experience creating Android apps, and therefore I had to completely learn how to use the App Inventor IDE before I could start on my app. I also had a lot of problems communicating with the Arduino via bluetooth, and ended up using many different sensors before I settled on the HC-05.

What I learned

I learned a lot about hardware, through the arduino and the sensors + modules for it, and how to create apps for Android.

What's next for SunScreener

Hopefully, I can turn SunScreener into a wearable device that can be attached to an armband, wristband, or necklace, so that the user will not notice the device when going about their day. I also hope to use narrowband IOT as opposed to bluetooth as the means of communication between the app and the hardware. A long-term goal would be to create a range of IOT health devices in addition to this (ie. blood pressure monitor and heart-rate monitor), which would all be part of a suite of "smart" family health devices. They would use bluetooth and/or narrowband IOT (depending on the intended wearing range of the user) and could be controlled by a smart hub app on a parent's phone.

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