We live in a world where every second seems to be a new danger. Whether it's a pandemic, or simply exposure to too much nature, our lives have been in a constant state of change. That's why we invented SunSCREEN.

What it does

SunSCREEN utilizes a carefully integrated UV-light sensor to trace and alert SunSCREEN users of their exposure outside, and it does so in 3 simple steps, all distinguishable by our innovative and user friendly Stoplight alert system. We know technology can not be user-friendly, that's why here at SunSCREEN we made you the pilot of your own ship. Our innovative SunSCREEN module is ready-to-go out of the box and is capable of going anywhere, and can be worn by anyone. No user is too young or too old! Our innovative Stoplight alert system matches our daily driving routine: GREEN -- It's okay! Choose to reapply sunscreen if you would like, though it's safe if you choose not to! YELLOW -- It's a little sunny out today, be sure to apply sunscreen and reapply! RED -- Careful! It is highly recommended that you wear sunscreen! The area you are in has high levels of UV light!

See! Quick, easy, and familiar! We've even included an alert system for red scenarios! (And don't worry, if the alert is bothersome you can always switch it off!

How we built it

So how did we build SunSCREEN? Well... using our UV Light Sensor and our Arduino motherboard our device is programmed to alert you (the user) of your environment! Making sure that you are safe!

Challenges we ran into

Here at SunSCREEN we acknowledge ALL problems and for the sake of transparency the issues we faced mainly correlated to our streamline efficiency and our simplified user interface. Both issues which SunSCREEN has solved!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our product simplicity and clean design are our most valuable accomplishments with no exception to performance!

What we learned

During IDEAHacks we learned how to better integrate Arduino software while placing a heavy emphasis on teamwork and our individual strengths!

What's next for SunSCREEN

In the future our products would like to be more adaptable to the user. As our base model is keychain-like but in the future, our design is cable of smaller portions and thus more handheld compatibility. (It would also be useful if 3D printers were accessible).


Join us at the IDEA Hacks Judging session where we will do a LIVE presentation of the SunSCREEN.


The video thumbnail attached is a running version of the SunSCREEN at lower UV intervals for testing purposes, the final version applies regular UV logic.

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