Suns Out Hacks Out 2020


We drew inspiration from the frustration of sometimes not being able to choose the most optimal location for dining because of heavy foot traffic at certain facilities. Our app aims to fix this by routing the user to the best facility, based on the number of users at certain locations.

What it does

The app uses the API to track the user's location once they open the page, and updates the dashboard accordingly with the new information.

How I built it

We built this tool with Javascript and HTML, where we learned how to use the API and request tracking/distance functions, which we wished to use with a larger client base in order to determine traffic levels and route the user using the navigation API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned basic JavaScript and JSON data handling. Learned how to use APIs and handle their output. Learned how to think about privacy from project conception to implementation.

What I learned

We learned an in-ordinate amount of knowledge, from API implementation, fetch commands, HTML, basic Javascript, and JSON files in order to successfully communicate with the Radar interface.

What's next for Dining Assist

Our next goal after the hackathon is to expose the dashboard to the user in a way that only says: “This dining location is too crowded - avoid it if possible” or “This area is not crowded - hope you have a nice meal!

Challenges I ran into

Since this was our first hackathon, we ran into difficulties every step of the way. Although fixing these problems took a lot of time and patience, we were able to work effectively as a team.

Starting from setting up a Python environment in G Cloud to getting Radar API to do what we want, we faced many challenges. But within the eight hours, we were able to overcome these obstacles, and create a basic program that enables us to view the amount of people in a given area in the Radar dashboard.

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