As students, we've experienced our fair share of procrastination. Sometimes, it's a struggle to figure out what you want to do next, or how your day is going to look like. That's why we created Sunny Side, a Chrome extension that puts all of your tasks and events right in front of you every time you open a new tab.

What it does

Sunny Side allows users to create a to-do list of upcoming events and tasks. Users can set their own motivational mantras to feel grateful, empowered, or grounded throughout the day. As a Chrome Extension that overrides the standard New Tab, users will be reminded continuously throughout the day of the tasks they need to do.

How we built it

We built Sunny Side using a combination of Javascript (React and Node), HTML, and CSS. We also employed Webpack for hot updates during development. Our graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator to further enhance our user interface aesthetics.

Challenges we ran into

As none of us have prior experience creating a Chrome extension, the process of setting up initial boilerplate code was our first major hurdle. This required hours of consulting online resources and debugging code. When the extension began to work, we then moved on to other challenges, including creating an expandable dynamic table that adjusts to the number of tasks, a storage system for the name of the user and tasks, and a way to remove the tasks from the table using strikethrough. These were all solved through multiple rounds of debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have built a fully-functional Chrome extension with an intuitive and user-friendly interface perfect for daily use. Every time we open up a new tab, we now have a functioning to-do list to guide us through our schedules.

What we learned

We learned more about how React functions and how to better utilize it for future projects/making Sunny Side even better. In addition, due to the fact that none of us had prior experience with creating a Chrome extension, we all gained valuable experience in creating one.

What's next for Sunny Side

We hope to add more desired features that we were not able to implement in the time frame of the hackathon, including publishing it to the Chrome Web Store for public downloading (this requires a potentially timely review process). Integration with Google Calendar API to pre-populate the table of tasks would also make our extension more convenient.

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