Due to everyday life, domestic fuss, without the opportunity to leave for another country, bad news in the world, a person wants to escape / get distracted / forget somewhere. Therefore, I created my little world, where there will be a clear sea, a deserted beach, the sun, my favorite book and the sound of waves.

I made a 3D model of a girl, an umbrella, little table, books, ball. Took a sphere from the library Spark ar. Used the picture for the environment. Set the desired lighting. Added the sound of waves. Set up the location of objects. Done!

Faced the ability to download video environments, because the size of the effect is limited to 4 MB and the project to 40 MB. That is, either a 3D model or a video effect.

The essence of this filter is to relax and enjoy the surroundings and the sound of the waves. No politics, problems in the world and bad news. Enjoy!

P.s.: Thank you for your attention and forgive me for bad English :)

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