We were interested in the work that Elevate does in helping people who just don't meet the cutoffs to get help with their credit needs. When we found out that they were interested in using AI and blockchain technology to improve their services and reach more people, we thought of what would be a simple and fast solution, which became Sunlight.

What it does

Sunlight is a peer-to-peer lending solution, based on smart contract accountability and blockchain data management. Users can signup as loaners, people who are available and willing to loan funds, or loanees, people who are requesting to obtain funds from loaners. Sunlight is all about making a simple, fast, and efficient interface for both roles, so they can easily do what they need to do, with the assurance that their data and holdings are safe and secure.

How we built it

Sunlight is built using React, a framework for building websites. It uses Google Firestore as its backend service, with intuitive graphics and UI/UX elements built for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult of this project was understanding how blockchain functions and developing a platform that can be easily used in a blockchain format.

What we learned

We gain a lot more experience working with various APIs, as well as how to effectively use JS and CSS.

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