Challenges in itself. It resonated with what we were thinking about for a while and gave a good starting point

What it does

User can identify a building on a map and then fetch its rooftop solar PV potential. It also suggests PV system sizing, energy generation, financials etc.

How we built it

php, java script etc.

Challenges we ran into

Fetching right data and short time duration. UI could have been better

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came as a team when it mattered and could implement something in a quick time. This kind of data will help to scale solar rooftop installations in cities and help utilities meet their RPO and targeted marketing for System integrators

What we learned

More the data, better the results can be. There is a lot of scope for addons, and integrating even a market place in solar etc. Which can be a first of its kind in India.

What's next for Sunintown: Rooftop Solar mapping of a city - New Delhi

Progress ahead from where we left to come up with intuitive Ul and mapping for other cities and finalize a business model out of it

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