We were original inspired by punch out, but then it turned into a bullet hell type game after messing around with Bose in Unity.

What it does

It's a game where you fight against a face as a cool sun. When you beat a face, you fight a new one until they're all defeated. Each face has a different attack pattern, and more health as you get further along. To move, you have to move your head as you wear any Bose device. Collect small suns and defeat the faces before they destroy you with water bottles!

How I built it

I built it in Unity, coding with C#, and using the Bose SDK. I also used DOTween for a few affects, and a LoadingManager to handle loading from scene to scene (shoutout to Yukon for letting me use it!)

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a lot of challenges. At first you were supposed to headbutt the face, but we changed it to more of a bullet hell type style because that would have been too much motion to get right in a short amount of time. I spent almost eight hours working on just the movement on Day 1 of the hackathon. I finally got it to a workable state, and spent all of Day 2 strictly on content. It was an extremely tricky process since Bose only tracks acceleration, so I had to build movement with only that. Thankfully I had a lot of help from the people of Bose and some fellow hackers! Halfway through the hackathon we figured out we couldn't make a windows version, so we made it mobile. I think it made the game turn out for the better!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was the first game I ever made using motion controls so I'm super proud! This is also my second 3D game, which I made a new years resolution to do more of, so I'm extremely proud of the project. We made a very silly game that's even sillier to watch people play.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Bose and what it can do both in Unity and outside. I also learned some things about coding with 3D in Unity.

What's next for Sunglass

Maybe release it for mobile? It'll definitely be available on my page.

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