Provision of reliable electricity by supporting the long-term viability of microgrids in emerging countries

How it works

Provides training tools and a forum for sharing best practices and seeking expert help in maintaining a microgrid

Challenges I ran into

Availability of detailed information on existing microgrids

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with a team that met for the first time at SfunCube to develop a solution for a real need

What I learned

A good and focused team can create a workable solution in a short period of time

What's next for sunfixr

  1. Create a network of trained local solar advocates to perform work in communities

  2. Create opportunities for Solar Voluntourism

  3. Create a microgrid project repository/database

  4. Create super users and expert contributors to forums

  5. Partner with a certification body to create certified local microgrid advocates/experts

6.Identify experts to produce training materials for microgrid systems

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