We're a bunch of broke grad students who look forward to the only good thing in our life. Food. Especially at the all you can eat dining hall that we abuse to our heart's and stomach's content. But like all good things in life, food is also plagued by evil. CALORIES. Sunfit is an app that's designed for Sundevils who eat at any of the Dining halls at ASU, to automatically track their sins, umm... I mean, calories, and decide how much they should repent for it.

What it does

Sunfit is an Android app that gives you personalised suggestions based on your calorie goals, from the live menu at any of the dining halls at ASU. It helps you log these calories onto your Fitbit, and adjusts your daily activity goals based on your intake.

How we built it

We used Fitbit's API to make a small wrapper which can be used by the Android app to log calorie usage. The android app gets possible suggestions from the live menu by using a crawler that crawls the dining hall's website, every day to get food items.

Challenges we ran into

Fitbit doesn't have a python based API, so we had to use a framework to access the JS API. Oauth issues regarding storage of client ID and secret since we're doing this on localhost. Sundevil dining kind of blacklisted our IP for crawling too quickly :P

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Losing sleep. Gaining weight.

Being able to retrofit the unofficial Fitbit API written in python to suit our tasks. Understanding the inherent complexities while implementing Oauth authorization, and also keeping persistence between apps.

What's next for Sunfit

Expand to other university dining halls, and restaurants that post menus online.

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