What? A newspaper? We're in 2018...

It's said that people today have an attention span of about 8 seconds, approximately that of a goldfish. This isn't helped by the overload of content readily available via the Internet, ranging from YouTube videos to articles to social media posts. How can one keep their head above the waters of the floods of content? Well, they can either try to consume it in the moment, or "save it for later", the latter of which typically ends of translating into a content graveyard which few dare to revisit.

So how can we make content more manageable? Our take with Sunday Paper is to allow users to bookmark interesting content throughout the week, which we then turn into a no-ads-or-strings-attached digital digest that can be accessed (and shared with others) via a link emailed to the user every Sunday.

But that's not enough. People get tons of emails everyday, and it still remains difficult to stay focused for a while on any one thing. So we're taking a radical approach by pushing users to disconnect from the interwebs to engage in catching up on their digest from the week. That's right: all content in your Sunday Paper is only accessible when we can detect that you've disconnected (Airplane Mode, WiFi off, etc.).

Here's to a more focused world!

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