From the perspective of some pasty STEM students, none of wanted to up and fry this summer! Keeping this in mind, we decided to create a mobile app to help ensure we're able to spend some time having fun in the sun, without the painful experience of sunburn the day after.

What it does

Our app uses GPS coordinates of the user upon launching the app in order to pull the current UV index at your place and time. The user is then able to select a skin type similar to their own shade in order to generate a general time estimate of how long the user will be able to stay in the sun before getting sunburn, This time estimate also acts as a countdown timer and will begin counting down after pressing a specific button to indicate that you have now begun exposing yourself, going outside.

How we built it

The entire app is built through Android Studio. We used Google Play Services to access the user location after permissions (Google Map Services). We made a simple, intuitive UI that allows the user to play around with different skin-types and how their exposure time limit changes accordingly.

In order to get the current location/date&time UV Index, the app sends an okhttps3 request to openUV , which responds with a JSON containing the necessary info. All other elements of the app were created using features of the Android SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to access the user's location and use its required permissions was tricky.

The rest was mostly smaller things, like designing UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accessing the user's location and request permissions.

Making an intuitive UI.

What we learned

1) Android Studio is a demon of an IDE

2) Hackathons are fun. 10/10 would do again.

3) DDR is fun

4) Hungry Hungry Hippos is fun

5) Zumba is fun

6) Morse Code is fun

7) Cup stacking is fun

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