Sun Boxes is a solar-powered sound installation originally created by Craig Colorusso. Twenty independent, solar-powered speakers each continuously play a recording of a single guitar note fading in and then decaying. Because the loops are a different length, once the piece begins they continually overlap and the piece slowly evolves over time.

Being among the boxes is quite a unique experience. The sounds have a mysterious and soothing quality that transform the environment into an enchanted space. Many find it meditative.

The app version of Sun Boxes aims to give users an experience similar to that of visiting the installation, however there are key differences. The app does not respond to sunlight, so you are free to enjoy it anywhere, anytime. You can also experience the piece in different ways by listening to a continuous stream, interacting with the individual boxes, or collaborating with whoever is nearby to stage an impromptu performance of the installation using digital devices.

While Sun Boxes the app has been available for a few years as native Android and iOS apps, the Happiness App Challenge gave us the opportunity to adapt it for the web, thereby making it available to many more people.

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