Transform the add-on originally build for JIRA Server to an JIRA Cloud compatible version.

What it does

sumUp for JIRA Cloud provides you three useful gadgets to sum up your column values in JIRA.

It includes:

  • Filter results Gadget: This gadget is similar to the JIRA Filter results gadget but additionally shows the sum of your column values.
  • Two dimensional Filter Gadget: Compute the sums of two group fields by using the two dimensional filter gadget. Just choose two group fields, a value to sum up and your issues.
  • sumUp Filter Gadget: Get sums of multiple fields by using this gadget. Select issues by using a filter or a JQL Query.

How I built it

We built it as a static addon with Javascript, CSS and HTML. We are using some libraries like jQuery.

Challenges I ran into

Collection of the data is now be done in the front-end. So a complete rebuild of the add-on was neccesary.

What's next for sumUp for JIRA Cloud

sumUp for JIRA Cloud is now ready and can be used in every instance of JIRA Cloud.

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