SUMSearch is designed to help health care providers find articles to guide clinical care. SUMSearched is conceptualized to help the provider when a faster search method such as searching an online textbook like UpToDate, PIER, or eMedicine does not answer a clinical question. SUMSearch helps the provider by sequentially revising searchers using methods that are commonly taught by medical librarians yet not easily remembered by clinicians. SUMSearch simultaneously searches for original studies, systematic reviews, and practice guidelines from multiple sources. Searches for original studies are revised up to 6 times as needed, while guidelines and systematic reviews may be revised once each. Systematic reviews and practice guidelines from PubMed, Dare (DARE is currently not connected), and NGC are merged and sorted. As SUMSearch executes live searches of external websites in response to your query, SUMSearch is always up-to-date. Research about SUMSearch is available at SUMSearch has been online since 1998.

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