Kick-Ass Mobile Gamification App for Sales Teams!

Sumo Sales is a great way to make sales competitions fun again. There is no data entry required -- we pull all the relevant data from your Salesforce account!

Sumo Sales allows Sales Reps to battle for prizes and Sales Managers to set up missions for their teams.

Setting up a battle is simple:

  1. Pick a sales rep you want to compete against;

  2. A sales rep selects one of the challenges (closed deals, amount of calls made, etc);

  3. Selects duration of the challenge;

  4. Set the prize (free lunch, beer pack, day off, whatever you can think of).

While the battle is on, other sales reps can bet on one of the participants and show their support.

Senseis (Sales Managers) can setup mission for sales rep to accomplish and incentives them. This is a great way for new sales reps to learn the processes and the sales flow used in a company.

Sales Sumo comes with a personal Dashboard to track all your activity and Leaderboard, which ranks sales reps according to the battles they've won.

Sales Sumo also integrates with Chatter and posts activity from the app directly to the company's stream to engage other team members to participate.

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