Productivity is potentially wasted by HR folks by having to manually review resumes.

What it does

Provides an automated and unbiased way of filtering and ranking resumes. Give it a try at


Summit resides entirely inside the Google cloud and is powered by a plethora of services. The load balancer stands in front of a group of virtual machines that expand and contract in response to traffic volume. The worker nodes use a serverless step function to activate the model. The machine learning algorithm resides in Cloud Functions and communicates with a Cloud SQL instance. Google also provided us with domain name registration and acted as our certificate authority.

Challenges we ran into

Developing such a complex system in such a strict time constraint presented many challenges. Parsing resumes based on heuristics turned out to be challenging because of the wild nature of the data. Developing the infrastructure and harmonizing the various components also forced our team together. We never thought that this would be possible, yet here we are.

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