Our teammate, Mayank Dubey, was not able to be in the video because he was on a roadtrip without a computer or internet at the time it was made, but he participated equally in the creation of the project.


We were inspired by the troubles that students of low socioeconomic status and underprivileged backgrounds have to face with their education as well as the pandemic that we are currently going through. Our app allows for learning across long distances so tutors can support students from anywhere around the world. We wanted to provide a way to help students after seeing the harsh conditions of child labor, and this webapp is the solution we came up with for improving education.

What It Does

Summit allows for all students to learn for free, and allows for aspiring tutors to gather volunteering experience to put under their belt. Students can sign up, look for tutors that fit their learning needs, and start the climb to their summit. We included a modern chat feature in which students and tutors can communicate to set up their next meetings and plan lessons. We also included a quiz feature where tutors can make custom quizzes for students to reinforce lessons and students can take those quizzes to receive immediate feedback on their answers. We made a review feature where students can leave reviews with a rating and description representative of their experience with their tutor which are accessible to all students who sign up for the app. Also created was a logging feature where tutors can keep detailed track of time spent with their students, recording things like a student's name, subject learned, hours spent learning, and a description of the learning experience. We made a badge function which motivates tutors to keep teaching and keeps track of their growth as teachers using goal setting. Finally, we created a reading feature which allows early readers and learning readers to submit images of text and the app will use machine learning to identify the text in the image. After, the user has the choice to have the app read the text to them out loud.

How We Built It

Summit is built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We also used Microsoft Azure to integrate machine learning in the app.

Challenges We Ran Into

We had to spend lots of time making sure the user interface was styled well and responsively. Figuring out the logistics behind our heavily interconnected users was also a very big challenge. We had to spend countless hours planning and figuring out how we would set up the userbase to connect in a seamless manner. Finally, the chat feature was a challenge to add, as we had to connect to a custom firebase database and figure out how to create the UI for it.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are overall very proud of the connection we were able to create between the tutor and the student, including the chat, quizzes, and reviews. We wanted to make the communication between each side of the learning as smooth as possible, and we feel we accomplished that with the transparency of the app. Lastly, we are proud of the machine learning that we were able to integrate with the reading feature. It was very cool to see how we could make the text from the images come to life.

What We Learned

We learned that UI was an essential part of any app or website and that we had to invest much more time than expected in order to make it sufficient. We also learned about database design and how to plan out an app in order to keep users connected in an organized manner. This was a tough process and we are glad that we were able to get through it with a fully functioning app along with extra features.

What's next for Summit

Our teammate, Mayank Dubey, is a leader of a tutoring organization called EachOneTeachOne and we would like to integrate our technology with their organization in order to test how it works on a smaller scale. At some point in the future we truly want to make a difference and we would like to release the webapp publicly for many users to use, especially people of lower socioeconomic status who can truly benefit from the usage of the app. Additionally, there are many small quality of life improvements that could be made to Summit like a search bar or sorting system for tutors. In regards to security, we'd eventually like to host our own video calls on Summit for safety reasons and add a report feature to protect from malintent on our website.

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