We saw the iCIMS API, and we wanted to use the LeapMotion too.

What it does

User can swipe left or right on an applicant for a job. LeapMotion records their motion. Swipe left to ignore, swipe right to get the next applicant, thumbs-up to approve, thumbs-down to reject.

How we built it

Vanilla HTML and CSS. Project based off of LeapMotion JavaScript sample project. However, the sample was thoroughly refactored and expanded upon. The sample project contained a lot of boilerplate for connecting and reading data. Server is written in Flask

Challenges we ran into

  • connecting LeapMotion to frontend in browser
  • tracking gestures in a smooth way
  • creating a adequate-looking frontend
  • CORS API requests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • apply web technology with hardware
  • innovate the recruiting software space
  • learn new things
  • ~blockchain~

What we learned

  • writing web app in vanilla JS
  • teamwork

What's next for SummerTindernship

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