We are two college students who have just finished finals. Since we are all socially distancing and enforcing quarantine rules, it can be especially easy to get bored this summer. We created summerscope in order to share some ideas for what to do this summer at home with bored quarantined people just like us.

What it does

You can choose your zodiac sign and summerscope will provide some quick ideas for what to do this summer. Not only do we list activities that would be perfect for your personality based on your zodiac sign, we also give suggestions on things to focus on while working on those activities!

How we built it

We first enlisted the help of a friend who is very knowledgeable on zodiac signs. We used Figma to plan out what we wanted our site to look like with all of the features laid out. Then, we used html and css to make our plans into a real website.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were positioning our buttons correctly and linking each page to the home page. As it was our first time using Figma, we didn’t know how to fully utilize it at first which definitely slowed our progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we were able to learn so much about html and css and how they work together. We have both used html and css before but only in a much more basic way.

What we learned

We learn a bit more about the web design process. It was our first time using Figma to design a website so there was a bit of a learning curve there. We also solidified our knowledge of HTML and CSS to create this website.

What's next for Summerscope

We plan on implementing more features such as a chatbot that you can ask questions about your horoscope for the day and other advice based on your zodiac sign. We also plan to implement Google’s text translation API to make it accessible to people all over the world.

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