As students, we have to do a huge amount of reading. We thought how we can do it better and help other students to hack their studying experience.

What it does

Summerize is a single page application that handles all the summarizing work for you - just give it an article or a URL to mess with. It even gives a list of helpful keywords. And... it also has a friendly chat bot. :slightly_smiling_face: The chat bot will answer your questions based on the context.

How we built it

With a lot of crying, tears and blood. On top of it, we used Node.js and Express.js on the back-end and React.js on the front-end. Under the hood Summerize uses a Node.js library to provide a summary and the chat bot uses the QnA Maker service from Microsoft AI. To get the keywords & references Summerize uses Microsoft Azure's Text Analytics API.

Challenges we ran into

Learning React was rough, since it was our first time trying it. We had to go through the mix of tutorials online. We're also happy to have great friends to borrow an advice in critical moments. Learning how to train the knowledge database via QnA Maker service from Microsoft AI was also a huge deal. You should check out the video below!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working product by the end of 8 hours! Also, we killed all the bugs thrown at us.

What we learned

  • Microsoft Azure API
  • New Node.js libraries for the text processing
  • React.js
  • Dealing with merge conflicts
  • Teamwork and how to share snacks

What's next for Summerize

We're hoping to work on 2.0 to bring even more cool features.

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